Medina Oven & Bar

Dallas, Texas

Whenever we have an event to attend at the American Airlines Center (AAC) in Dallas, part of the fun is deciding where to dine in that area. Several times we have returned to Medina Oven & Bar because we enjoy it so much. When you tire of Tex Mex, steaks & seafood or hamburgers and such – give this little Moroccan/Mediterranean place a try! It is only two blocks in front of Victory Plaza and is an easy walk to and from parking or the actual AAC. The interior is small and well-decorated with comfy seats and lots of Middle Eastern decor, lighting, and metalworks.

Let me begin with their drinks! They have an extensive wine list, but I never get past their specialty “sexy cocktails”.  The main item that keeps bringing me back to this restaurant is their Caramel Fig Martini. Words cannot describe it and the photo doesn’t do it justice. Just imagine vodka and lemon juice poured into an ice cold glass with caramel swirled inside and a roasted fig floating in the bottom and ice slivers on top. To me, it is pure perfection. The Pomecello Martini comes in a close second. 

We usually begin our meal with the Mixed Platter appetizer that comes with 4 spreads (hummus, eggplant, roasted pepper and harissa) and some of the best Mediterranean olives we have ever eaten. This is accompanied by a basket of fresh pita bread triangles. Everything was delicious.

Our most recent entrees were the Marrakesh Chicken Breast and the Chicken Apricot Tagine (pictured above). The Marrakesh Chicken Breast consisted of two juicy, boneless chicken breasts with  olives, roasted potatoes and a lemon sauce. The Chicken Apricot Tagine had two chicken breast fillets seasoned with saffron, cinnamon, honey spices and was served over roasted potato slices and apricots. This dish sounds really sweet but was actually very tasty and more savory than expected. For those diners who are not so adventurous, Medina also serves delicious meat skewers with rice, salads, and flatbread pizzas.

We finished up our meal by sharing a Caramel Bread Pudding with ice cream and nuts. It was served warm, covered in caramel and was most enjoyable. In other words….there was not a morsel remaining!

I hope you will give this little place a try. I do not think you will be disappointed. I do suggest reservations since they are very small and only seat around 40-50 patrons inside. When the weather is nice, they also have a nice little patio for outside dining. 

Did I mention the Caramel Fig Martini??? I hope you will check it out!




12 thoughts on “Medina Oven & Bar

  1. The Pomecello Martini was pretty dang good as well!! Seriously, this place is a hidden gem if you are looking for a great pre-game meal for an AAC event.


  2. We tried Medina last night before going to ATT PAC. Food was great, drinks delicious and service top notch! Thanks for recommending it!


  3. We went there yesterday for brunch after reading your blog. The food was really good and the brunch menu was great value for money. Pomegranate Mimosa was good. I can’t wait to go and try the dinner menu


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